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What makes this program different?


Options Talking Careers develop and deliver programs and career services that assist schools and parents as they support young people as they navigate the beginning of their lifelong career decision making journey. There are many websites and programs just providing information and activities. So why is this program different?


This Program:

  • moves students beyond information-giving and vocational assessment
  • encourages students to interact and to reflect on personal career and life aspirations
  • focuses on core career competencies – research, personal problem-solving and career decision-making


Providing career support and information can be challenging and young people are often overwhelmed when thinking about careers, subject selections and tertiary courses … life after school. Self-awareness and sound career decision-making skills are key to successful career decisions, wellbeing and happiness over a life time.


Options Talking Careers looked for a new and effective solution to providing quality and timely career support in the school setting. We developed programs that allow young people to personally reflect, and research their career ideas through an online platform. Our programs will support your young people to identify possible post school study and training options, while developing the confidence and skills to continue to make ongoing career choices.

Develop and deliver quality, innovative, online career development programs for schools.

Our programs are designed to assist you in supporting your young people as they self-reflect and research their career pathways. Programs are mapped to the Australia Blueprint of Career Development Framework (ABCD) and are year level specific.

Professional Development supporting staff to deliver a quality career support service to their students.

Options Talking Careers delivers professional development to support staff in the delivery of career development programs within their school community. We offer a range of professional development programs and, on request, are happy to develop school specific programs.

Development and presentation of parent/guardian information sessions.

Parent/guardian are key influences in their child’s career decision making journey however, most parent/guardian are challenged when having these career conversations. Our presentations are designed to empower parent/guardian to be knowledgeable and confident when engaging in career conversations with children.

Development and delivery of student information presentations across year levels.

As we all know … students listen to others before they listen to those close by. We design career development presentations specific to your school’s needs ranging from small group sessions to year level assemblies and can be delivered by us or by an experienced school representative.