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About Us

Get to know us better

How did Options Talking Careers start?


Options Talking Careers was born from a chance conversation at a CDAA conference back in 2015. We started talking, and realised we had much in common … a fierce passion for careers, a 30-year commitment to working with young people at school and beyond, and a talent for supporting the teachers, advisors and guidance officers who work with them.


Schools are busy places. Time is scant. Young people face a bewildering landscape when asked to think about careers, select subjects and courses. There is a seemingly unlimited amount of online information, “hits and tips” and trendy questionnaires. These young people will have to make career decisions across their adult life, as jobs, workplaces and industries change; and young people engage in study, work and training.


At the core, though, young people need to talk about careers and connect with others. They need to know how to look at options, make decisions and put plans in place – and to do this over and over, as they develop the skills which will transfer to new opportunities.


We sought a new solution, one which saw the young people working online, but still having the capacity to reflect and research. First, we asked our children what kinds of support they would have liked through school! We then researched what an online interface looks like, then linked up with Ximena and Jonas at Bohemia Design. This remarkable couple had the patience and talent to develop a platform for the Year 10 program which is the first one in the Options Talking Careers suite. Then, we needed to find the right voices to do the talking … enter Graham and an enthusiastic group of young people, who brought our words to life. And not forgetting Phil who keeps the IT side of it working like clockwork!


So who are we?


What experience and expertise do we bring to the table to talk careers with your students?


Shauna Quinlivan
  • has a Masters of Education (School Guidance and Counselling);
  • is a Registered teacher and is a Professional member of the Career Development Association of Australia (CDAA);
  • is a member of the Queensland Committee of the CDAA;
  • has many years’ experience as a Guidance Officer, VET manager and careers advisor in Queensland schools;
  • Provides regular, expert professional development workshops and career; resources to over 150 Queensland schools through her very successful business, Options Career Information; and
  • is currently working as a Careers Advisor in a school.


Judy Beausang
  • has a Doctor of Education;
  • is a registered teacher and professional member of the Career Development Association of Australia (CDAA);
  • has many years’ experience as a middle-leader in secondary schools, including seven years as Senior School Coordinator, Careers Advisor and VET manager and semester 1, 2017 as Head of Faculty for a Differentiated Learning unit;
  • has experience in a student support role at QUT; and is currently a Senior Research Assistant at QUT; and
  • currently works with clients as a careers advisor and study mentor through her Career Planning Brisbane business.