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How does the Talking Careers Year 10 program fit within current school career programs? Will this program provide all the information and activities Year 10 students need?

The Talking Careers Year 10 program has been developed to complement the work of guidance officers and career advisors in schools. It is not intended to take the place of Year 10 career programs in schools, or to meet all the needs that Year 10 students have to explore career options and develop a plan for the senior phase. It does, however, provide a series of online activities, reflection and research tasks to support the students as they explore their strengths, values and interests, and use a decision-making process to identify and explore options for careers and courses. The student responses are summarised in a Career Snapshot, which students can download at the end of the activities. This Snapshot will provide a basis for decision-making processes for their senior plan.

Will students need special computers or software to use the program?

Students log on through a desktop or their laptop or ipad. The program is Microsoft and Mac compatible using unique login details provided to schools when they purchase and register for the program. The weblink for the program can be accessed through Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer.

Can teachers use the program so they know what students will do?

Certainly! There is one free staff login for every 30 student logins purchased.

Does the program have to be delivered by a guidance officer or careers advisor? What support is available for people delivering the program?

There is a Program Guide available for schools, which provides support for teachers or specialists who are working with students on the program activities.

How long will it take for students to complete the activities in the program?

The program will take approximately three hours for students to complete.

Do the students do the activities all at once, or can they do them across several sessions? Will their responses be saved?

The students can complete the activities across a number of sessions as their activities will be saved as they move through the program.

Does the program link to the Australian Blueprint for Career Development? Current research in Career Development?

The Year 10 program has activities mapped to the Australian Blueprint for Career Development competency framework. These competencies are outlined in the Program Guide for the program. The program activities also link to current Career Development research, including links to the Foundation for Young Australians report regarding the new work mindset, and to recommendations from the Moments of Choice report from the British Careers and Enterprise Company.

Will the program still be relevant for Queensland schools once the new Queensland Certificate of Education comes in? What about schools in other states?

The program activities are not generally specific to a particular state or certification, so are relevant to the new systems for senior assessment and certification to come for Queensland in 2019, and to young people in other states of Australia. The Program Guide includes specific materials which will support teachers and specialists in discussing pathways and certification with students.

Can parents order the Talking Careers program to use at home with their son or daughter?

Yes! Parents can order the program via the online shop. Schools and Parent organisations are welcome to make bulk orders for groups of parents also. There is a specific Program Guide for parents who are using Talking Careers with their son or daughter.