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Standard Student

Student Unique Logins

Once the school administrator has imported student names and emails into the Options Talking Careers website, students will have their unique login details emailed directly to them.

The student’s user name will be their school email address and our system will send a generic password for them. When students first log into our site, they will be asked to change their password.

Their individual login details will be kept secure in our system and will be permanently deleted when they complete the program. There will be a ‘Forgot Password’ function on the login page for students who have forgotten their password. The new password will be emailed to their school email address shortly after the request is received.

Students will use their login details to log into their personal account at any time.

Only the student can access their account. The nominated school administration representative will be able to see each student’s progress, but not their responses to the activities.

Work Saved Per Session

Student responses will be automatically saved on completion of each program module.

Work and Login Details Securely Saved

We ensure that all data, information, login details are fully protected by online security to ensure that student responses and login details are secure.

Browser Requirements

Students and school staff can access the Options Talking Careers website through:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Explorer

Site Management

Options Talking Careers takes every step to maintain the IT management system to maintain ongoing access to the website by students. Any issues will be addressed in a timely, efficient and effective manner to ensure student and staff access is returned in a timely manner.

School Administration Access

A nominated school representative will be given administration access through which they will manage:

  • Development and distribution of student login details
  • Teacher and student profiles.
  • Membership
  • Queries regarding membership plan
  • Liaison with Options Talking Careers staff on any issues
  • Raise any IT issues for which Options Talking Careers is responsible for
  • Monitor individual student progress
  • Provide feedback

Free Staff Member For Every 30 Students

Each school membership comes with one (1) complimentary staff membership for every thirty (30) students enrolled. On confirmation of school membership, Options Talking Careers will arrange with school administration representative to allocate appropriate number of complimentary staff memberships.