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Terms & Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to all online purchases that include a classroom program, seminar, workshop or online program delivery.

1. Definitions:

‘Business day’ means a day except a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday in Brisbane.

‘Program’ refers to online, high school student programs, training and events provided by Options Talking Careers (here after known as OTC). They include classroom presentations, seminars, workshops and online programs.

‘Credit’ refers to monies left on file to the credit of the client which is available as payment, or part payment, for future programs, products and services. Credits are valid for a period of 12 months from date of issue, after which time they will expire. They are valid as payment, or part payment, for purchasing further Programs, products and services.

‘Refund’ refers to return of monies paid in advance for a program booking.

‘Bookings’ refers to school request and subsequent access to classroom presentations, seminars, workshops, online seminars and self-paced learning.

2. Booking Payment & Confirmation:

Program prices are subject to change without notice and will be confirmed at the time of booking, prior to payment being processed.

Discounts on Program fees can only be claimed at the time of booking, prior to payment being made. Discounts will not be offered retrospectively. Multiple discounts cannot be applied to the same transaction.

A tax invoice will be emailed on request at time of placing order and must be paid within seven working days. Bookings will only be confirmed upon receipt of full payment of Program fees. A booking confirmation will be emailed after full payment has been received by OTC. Please contact us if you have not received your booking confirmation or tax invoice.

3. Booking Cancellations:

The following policy applies for all booking cancellation requests received by us that involve Classroom presentation, Seminars, or Online Programs:

  • 10 or more Business days notice before the Program – full Refund provided.
  • 5 to 9 Business days notice before the Program – Credit is provided for full cost of the original Program.
  • 1 to 4 business days notice before the Program – Credit is provided for 50% of the original Program cost.
  • No Refund or Credit is available if notice of cancellation is received on the day of the Program.

4. Online Program:

The following policies apply for all Online Programs:

  • Refunds or Credits of attendees/students are not available once they have logged into the online training program.
  • Sharing of user names and passwords is strictly prohibited. OTC reserves the right to immediately terminate access to online programs if it reasonably believes that more than one user is accessing the online training using the same login details.
  • Purchase of online program allows the purchaser (a school) access to the online program for a period of no longer than six months, calculated from the date of enrolment. Login details are sent separately to the nominated school administrator one business day following the purchase.

5. Program Cancellations by OTC:

OTC reserves the right to cancel, in its sole discretion, any particular Program. In the event a specific Program is cancelled, participants will be contacted by us to arrange alternate arrangements. Alternatively, a full or part Refund of the Program cost is available upon request.

6. OTC Program Guarantee:

The OTC Program Guarantee is our upfront commitment to you that you’ll be comfortable

7. Privacy:

OTC does not collect any personal information from any program participants. The only individual information stored on the OCT systems is student and staff work/school emails for login purposes only. Email addresses will not be passed onto or sold to any other organisation or company and will be permanently deleted from the OTC system within two (2) months of completion of the program.

Information collected on participants’ My Career Snapshot will not be passed onto any other person either within the participant’s school or other organisation or individual. The My Career Snapshot will be deleted from OTC’s system within two (2) months of participant’s completion of the online program.

8. IT Requirements:

OTC agrees to provide online access to participants that will allow participants to complete the online program through Chrome, Firefox or Explorer web browsers.

OTC will address Information Technology (IT) issues within forty eight (48) hours from when difficulty is reported. All IT difficulty reports will be acknowledged within twelve (12) hours. The organisation/school will be informed of report progress.

Each participant will be able to print out their individual My Career Snapshot.

All Technical support should be lodged via the Contact Us section of this website.

OTC requires the organisation/school to provide:

  • adequate IT support to ensure the organisation/school’s nominated number of program participants can login to the program through Chrome, Firefox or Explorer web browsers.
  • Band width suitable to manage the demand placed on their system by the number of nominated participants.
  • Promptly address any local IT issues that participants experience

9. School administration access and responsibilities

OTC will provide administration access to one (1) school representative only. It is the school’s responsibility to provide OTC with an accurate number of students needing login details for any one online program.

The school will receive from OTC a list of generic logins after receiving payment of invoice. It is the school’s responsibility to allocate and distribute logins details to each student and nominated staff member and keep a record of such allocations for future reference.

Student and staff accounts will be active for 6 months from activation date.

10. Complaints, Concerns and Suggestions

If you wish to make a complaint or have a concern or suggestion please lodge through the Contact Us section of this website. Your lodgement will be acknowledged within twelve (12) hours and be addressed within a timely manner.